Exhibit 19.23

Like most of the world, I'm mourning Michael Jackson's death by pretending it happened in 1992 while wearing my officially licensed Billie Jean® baseball t-shirt for a period of no less than seven consecutive days, just like the Bible says.

And in case you doubt its authenticity, here you can clearly see the Official Michael Jackson Seal of Approval™.

Yes, this is a shirt I own. Yes, I only wear it for 1980s-theme parties. Yes, you may borrow it.

Oh, and of course I've also been watching YouTube videos all week.

Honestly, until this week the last time I thought about Michael Jackson was when Dave and I had a conversation in Chicago about his song "Liberian Girl." Apparently Dave used to think the song was called "Iberian Girl."

"Iberian girl/You came from Seville or/Lisbon..."

We thought this was very funny. I'm willing to admit we might have been wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Let's be honest Pete, you bought that shirt like 4 years ago for an 80's night party. I have the photos to prove it.