Exhibit 19.24

So while I'm trying to finish this thing I've been working on I've been pretty much useless as a person, a blogger, and--less noticeable a drop-off--a tennis player. That's not going to change today. Sorry. This is the best I've got:

Things that should exist but don't
A mid-level Black Cherry soda. I don't even know if I like Black Cherry soda, but it puzzles me that it's exclusively produced as either a 2-liter 79¢ store-brand product or as an expensive gourmet glass-bottled product for your average soda bon vivant. I don't know why I'm worried about a particular flavor's market segmentation, but these are the thoughts I have when I get lost in the soda aisle at the Hy-Vee.

Things that do exist but shouldn't
Music from a band that featured both Neil Young and Rick James.

Well, you can add 'In The Mynah Birds' to your list of things Neil Young and Rick James have in common. Alphabetically, it should go between 'Have Been to Cleveland' and 'Love Black Cherry Soda.'

Since they share a song writing credit, I like to imagine Neil Young and Rick James sitting around Toronto in 1966 throwing out ideas.

James: I think we should add more cat growls.
Young: Cat growls are about the horrors of Vietnam.
James: Let's finish the song at the Tim Hortons.
Young: Word.

These are also the thoughts I have when I get lost in the soda aisle at the Hy-Vee.

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jimStock said...

Normally I wouldn't jump all over this (trick statement: normally I would always jump all over this) but I would gladly recommend Hansen's Diet Black Cherry soda. Sure it is sweetened with gut-dissolving Splenda, but it is convincingly delicious and may fit that middle-of-the-road-BMW-3-series-Colorado-Rockies-pitching-staff-niche you are after. I consider myself a connoisseur of cherry flavored products and Hansen's does not let me down. The only down side: may only be sold in 'Natural' stores in your area.

But I agree, there needs to be more cherry flavored products out there, so please don't let this be an end to your campaign.