Exhibit 1.5.22


It's a video I spent 30 minutes making after seeing a spider burying its spider buddy/lover/parent.

Or eat. It also could have been trying to eat its spider buddy/lover/parent. There's that.


Exhibit 1.5.21

Two Links

* I have a short piece giving some flash fiction bylaws over at Nano Fiction for their State of Flash series. I really do mean all of them. Especially the ones about poor, poor Doug.

* My short short "Biologists Study Grace" is over at Paper Darts and the entire page will soon be tattooed onto my back. Not really. probably. Maybe. Sort of. We'll see. But it is quite pretty.


Exhibit 1.5.20


Almost three years ago I let my facial hair grow for a couple weeks to see if it could, through some previously unseen alchemy, produce a beard. You can follow that experience along here. It was a simpler time, back when I was somehow better at both Photoshop and the decency that allowed me not to post photos of myself on the internet.

Short summary: No, no I could not grow a beard.

This year, with a couple of weeks between a moment of bored despair and the semester beginning, I decided to try again. Here's as good as it got.

The Aubrey Beardlessly

So not good. Better than before--it was prickly, at least--but still worse than guys I knew in middle school. That said, I could at least shave it into some nearly acceptable facial hair configurations.

The Walter Notquite

The Muske-tears

The Billy D-Minus Williams

The Ask for ID

Who am I kidding, none of those are acceptable. My apologies to everyone who had to look at me for the past two weeks. So pretty much just you, Taco Truck Lady.


Exhibit 1.5.19

New Cupboard Website

So, this is the most exciting news this blog has failed to break in months: The Cupboard has a new website which you can access right here. Things to note:

* We're now publishing original content every couple of weeks called Sideboards. Go read our first then submit one of your own.

* The announcement for our next year's cycle of four volumes. They're really great. Damn. We're excited.

* And, most importantly, we've got the entire year on sale. $12! That's practically $10!

Please read, spread the word, and subscribe.



Exhibit 1.5.18

Tattoo Ideas for Someone Else Sorted by Decreasing Likelihood

James Van Der Beak

En Passant Explanation

Disturbingly Sexualized Corn

Birdo As Problematically Described by Mario 2 Instructions

Lukewarm Review of Most Recent R. Kelly Album

Map of Ansley, Nebraska, for Ansley, Nebraska, Emergencies

The New Cupboard Logo


Exhibit 1.5.17

I Might Be the Only One

who is obsessed with the moment in "Hard Headed Woman" when he belts out that line.

In any case, my early Cat Stevens cover band--The First Cat Is the Deepest--will definitely use that song as the closer of our second encore.


Exhibit 1.5.16

A Soundtrack to Paul Auster's The New York Trilogy

Radiohead - "Life in Glass Houses"

Hall & Oates - "Private Eyes"

Roger Eno - "Quixote"

Manfred Mann - "The Mighty Quinn"

Elvis Costello - "Watching the Detectives"

The Jam - "Ghosts"

Louis Armstrong - "Black and Blue"

The Knife - "Neverland"

Tony Toni Toné - "Still a Man"

LCD Soundsystem - "New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down"