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So apparently Houston is going to flood (again) and we're all going to die (again). This is too bad as flooding doesn't even rank on my list of terrible weather disasters I would hope to kill me. The list:

1. Tornado - Always chance it just transports me ala Zelda, Mario, and every other story about tornadoes.

2. Blizzard - Could have a cool story about how I got lost and walked in a huge circle when I thought I was going straight. Also, future people might discover my frozen corpse just outside a Casey's General Store and speculate about my living habits based on my sweatpants and Museum of Jurassic Technology t-shirt.

That's really pretty much it. It must be the Plains in me, but everything else just seems foreign and weird.

Hurricanes - Have eyes.
Floods - What did we do to god this time?
Mudslides - Applebee's drink.
Tsunami - Scary, but unlikely to come from the Platte River.
Earthquakes - Only exist in sitcoms where a pregnant character rides an elevator.
Wildfires - Actually, I can see dying in a wildfire. That's sort of Plains-y. Not grain silo explosion Plains-y but four wheeler accident Plains-y.


Exhibit 1.4.27

The Flasher

So The Flasher is now for available for pre-order from SpringGun Press. There's free shipping and all that, too. Go check it--and the other, awesomer books--out.

Mostly I just wanted to show off the cover. I love it.


Exhibit 1.4.26

Black Out

If anyone asks, this blog hasn't been updating because of SOPA.


Exhibit 1.4.25

"The story has by now acquired the status of legend
among those in the disposable office supply industry."

Lorraine Nelson:
A Biography in Post-It Notes

By David Hawkins
Now Available

1 tape-bound volume
Book Design by Todd Seabrook

$15/year subscription, $5/individual

Selected by Michael Martone as the winner of The Cupboard’s first-ever contest.

There are ghosts who have never died. David Hawkins's Lorraine Nelson: A Biography in Post-it Notes is about such a person or maybe two such people. A mysterious name. A terrible job. The drudgery of the office makes ghosts of many, but can be survived with wit, imagination, and heart. Lorraine Nelson never lived, but in this volume, selected by Michael Martone as the winner of The Cupboard's first contest, she's given the elegy she deserves.

Of the volume, Martone writes that "it's made up of surprising but complex asides, elaborated and compacted articulations that scale beautifully into a durable and brilliant skin, a chain mail of associative links and leaps. The language is massive and minute, mute and malleable. The whole piece performs the paradox, recombining the airy ephemeral with an adhesive that does, in fact, stick."

Read an excerpt here.

David Hawkins's poetry and nonfiction have received awards from the Utah Arts Council and have appeared in a number of journals and periodicals. He is an assistant professor/lecturer at the University of Utah where he was the editor-in-chief of Quarterly West from 2001 to 2005, and he lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and their two boys. He still pulls the occasional crappy job.

Every year brings four new Cupboards. Collect them all for $15 here.

Individual volumes, including past volumes from Amanda Goldblatt, Andrew Borgstrom, Anne Marie Rooney, and Ryan Call and James Scott are available for $5.

As always, subscribers are invited to submit prose between 4,000 and 8,000 words through our Submishmash site here.

Open submissions will return in the summer. But…

Everyone is invited to submit to The Cupboard’s Second-Ever Contest. This year’s contest will be judged by Maud Casey, author of The Shape of Things to Come, Genealogy, and Drastic.

Submissions will be open between February 1st and March 31st. We're looking for prose submissions between 4k and 10k words of short stories, essays, collections of flash fiction and prose poems, and combinations thereof.

The winning author will receive $500 and the manuscript will be published as an upcoming volume. Submissions are received and read anonymously, and all submissions are eligible for regular publication. We again plan on offering contest submitters a discounted submission to The Cupboard.

Look for more details and an official announcement on February 1st.

The next volume of the Cupboard is by Chanelle Benz and will debut at AWP this spring. Look for us in the Table X section again sharing a table with Octopus Books.

Thank you again for everything,