Exhibit 1.5.1


So apparently Houston is going to flood (again) and we're all going to die (again). This is too bad as flooding doesn't even rank on my list of terrible weather disasters I would hope to kill me. The list:

1. Tornado - Always chance it just transports me ala Zelda, Mario, and every other story about tornadoes.

2. Blizzard - Could have a cool story about how I got lost and walked in a huge circle when I thought I was going straight. Also, future people might discover my frozen corpse just outside a Casey's General Store and speculate about my living habits based on my sweatpants and Museum of Jurassic Technology t-shirt.

That's really pretty much it. It must be the Plains in me, but everything else just seems foreign and weird.

Hurricanes - Have eyes.
Floods - What did we do to god this time?
Mudslides - Applebee's drink.
Tsunami - Scary, but unlikely to come from the Platte River.
Earthquakes - Only exist in sitcoms where a pregnant character rides an elevator.
Wildfires - Actually, I can see dying in a wildfire. That's sort of Plains-y. Not grain silo explosion Plains-y but four wheeler accident Plains-y.


carlinhmackie said...

Since I moved to Massachusetts, we've had an earthquake and a hurricane (also a tornado and a freakish snowstorm, but those are just kind of blase as far as I'm concerned). The point being...actually I'm not sure I have a point.

jimStock said...

This post reminds me of a book I just read -- "My Untimely Death" by some up-start pen.

(It ended up being fitting that I had just finished The Fairy Tales of Herman Hesse before I started M.U.D. They somehow complimented each other. I've read a total of 9 books now)