Exhibit 19.25

Well, I've got a few minutes to kill, so let me just open up the Houston Chronicle here and see if anything has been going on in Houston for the last week. I'm sure there's been nothing to have me worried about living there for several years.

Houston's still waiting for some rain
- And I'm still waiting for Sommersby II. We all have problems. [takes drink of water]

No relief in sight for scorching Texas heat
- [spits water comically]

Heat advisories in Texas remain through Saturday
- Well, I'm sure it's not an emergency.

Heat emergency declared for Houston
- Oh my.

Love in Action van brings water on 101-degree day
- Yeah, but it's Houston. Surely they're used to this.

Heat reaches record for Houston
- Oh, I'm sure it's not a disaster.

Punishing heat prompts Houston disaster declaration
- Huh.

Foot injury leaves Yao's future with Rockets in doubt
- Noooooooooooo!

I'm so shaken I'm not just rethinking Houston, I'm rethinking America's victory in the Mexican-American War. Jesus. Are we sure Yao's foot isn't just melting?

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A. Peterson said...

And with that Sommersby reference, I officially quit this blog. Okay, maybe not.