Exhibit 19.22

So The Cupboard--which is about to release its next volume--has a blog, but nobody ever updates it because Dave has his fancy new site where he writes about odd things he sees and I have this one full of disclaimer-laden posts disproving my magical abilities. So we're sort of at an impasse. Naturally it's Dave's fault.

Dave: The Cupboard needs a blog.
Me: Great, I've been too embarrassed to write about fantasy football on my blog.
Dave: No. It will be about writing and books and The Cupboard.
Me: Can I write about He's Just Not That Into You? It was a book. I didn't read it, but in the movie...
Dave: No.
Me: Sometimes I play old video games and maybe...
Dave: No.

Shockingly, I have never posted on The Cupboard's blog. If it can't be a dumping ground for all the humiliating thoughts I have just enough dignity to refrain from posting here--and you can imagine how bad that stuff must be to somehow not make the cut--I really don't see the point. Okay, I do. I love the idea of having a blog for The Cupboard, but I think we're going to try something new: a podcast.

Why? Because when one thing isn't getting enough attention the best thing to do is add another project. It's still a ways away from coming together, but I think we're going to feature both our authors and other writers, publishers, romantic comedy cast members, etc. Okay, Dave's telling me we won't feature that last one. But otherwise I think we're on the same page and are excited about having a forum to let writers give readings and talk about their work.

Look for it, um, soon? Sure, why not. Soon.


Mathias Svalina said...

Will there be some sort of online forum where we can share our fondest memories of The Cupboard Blog after it passes away?

Like the time The Cupboard Blog & I had to drive a prisoner down the stretch of California but along the way we learned that he wasn't just a prisoner, he was a human being. Or the time that my family left for Christmas vacation & forgot to wake The Cupboard Blog & me up & so we were home unsupervised during the season -- don't get me started on this one, TCB did the best impersonation of those lousy house-thieves.

You may take The Cupboard Blog away, but you can't take away my memories.

Dusty said...

Out of context, this is my favorite line of this here post:

"It's still a ways away from coming together, but I think we're going to feature both our authors."

As though only the two. As though you and me. Maybe we can get that humanized prisoner for the first show. Cast? Showcast?

[word verification = "goidess" which is a decent pun looking for a home.]