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* Here's a piece by Carlin at Hobart. You'll want to support both Carlin and Hobart. One of them is huge and the other is named Carlin.

* Quick thoughts on the Royals shopping Zack Greinke: they should. It's basically an admission the team is going to be horrible until 2013 (and maybe not even then), but that's really the situation whether Greinke is on the team or not. I love the guy, but it doesn't seem like he wants to be there anymore and I can't blame him. Nor can I blame the Royals for selling out for the future.

* Seriously though, if they sign Jeff Francoeur, I reserve the right to quit life until Wil Myers makes everything right again. If the team is doing it, I don't see why I can't.

* I enjoy No Robo Tumblr. Look, I don't know what Tumblr is. I just learned what Twitter is and even then I mostly use it to update people on how into sweatpants I currently am (very).

* Did you remember there is a new Cupboard? There's a new Cupboard. It's really awesome. Tell your friends, give it as a gift, tumblr a review. I'm doing that right, right? Tumbl?

* Quick update on my fantasy football team: last place, season over, thank god.

* The bar in Houston that has Cornhole is creating a sensation among North-Easterners who weren't familiar with the game. That is until I introduce Beer Pole and blow everyone's minds.

* If someone asked me to cover a Christmas song, I too would have gone with "Holiday Road." Granted, it's not about Christmas anymore than my second choice is: Everclear's "Santa (Monica)."

* The actual choice would be Petty's "Christmas All Over Again." The last choice would be one of those songs done by barking dogs though I'm hoping Tom Waits takes up that challenge over at the A.V. Club.

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