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Aborted Post

I was all set to write a post about how someone was selling used copies of My Untimely Death for $196.11 at Amazon, but the copies have disappeared, presumably because my grandmas purchased them all. Still, I've already done the math, so:

* Price per death: $13.07
* Price per use of the word puppy: $98.06
* Price per use of the word poppy: $65.37
* Price per use of the word sex: $196.11
* Price per question mark: $7.00
* Price per comma: $0.68
* Price per period: $0.38
* Price per exclamation point: ∞

Of course, you can continue to buy it at SPD or from Subito themselves though I don't suggest it. Clearly the MUtD bubble has been burst by reckless comma speculators.

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