Exhibit 25.6


* Jon Pack Approves or Disapproves - I don't know exactly how long this site was defunct before returning, I just know that I haven't been able to make decisions for at least two years.

* Chess.com - So someone asked me if I wanted to play chess a few months ago, and I shrugged because Jon Pack wasn't there to tell me whether or not I should. I don't even like chess, but I do like the Chess soundtrack. Okay, that's not true, but if you'd like to play, I will quote this song:

* A New Great Wall: Why the Crisis in Translation Matters - This is a great essay which made me rethink translation as a writer/publisher/teacher. I haven't done enough in any of those arenas, and while I'd already been thinking about it, this essay makes the issues fairly clear.

I know the essay is talking about translation into English, but I've got to start somewhere: Я получаю мои пинки над талией, солнечностью.

It's god's work I'm doing.

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