Exhibit 25.7


I live by a park where I walk Brett and since the weather here got nice--by which I mean terrible--there have been a lot of kids doing kid things to the endless soundtrack of ice cream truck melodies. Usually it's just riding bikes or playing soccer, but today there were boys doing both of those things and yelling insults at each other. I can understand this and was maybe even a little impressed by their multi-tasking.

What I cannot understand is this exchange I heard between two who were maybe 11 or 12.

Kid 1: You're a pedophile, Josh.
Josh: O yeah, well you need love to grow.

Kid 1's comment, while an odd thing to say to a fellow child, at least made sense given the context of bikes/soccer/insults. Josh, however, went way off book and won the day by giving us all something to think about.

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jimStock said...

Try and keep Chris Hansen out of youthful counterculture. Impossible.
He's in all of our schoolyards and parks recruiting 'bait'.