Exhibit 25.5

Story Prompts I Would Give if I Taught Fiction

* Write a story about one of those Wooly Willy toys where you use magnets to draw metal filing eyebrows onto a face. In your story, the face should come alive at night. Not in an evil way. A trying too hard way.

* Think of the most embarrassing moment of your childhood and imagine the shame you felt. Picture the faces of the people who were there to witness your embarrassment. Imagine sensory details--how many people could you see? what did their laughter sound like? Write a story about bats.

* Your story should not include the Robocop.

* Time travel, it's complicated. Think of a story with a time paradox (i.e. one character is his own grandfather). Don't have the main character address this problem but have all the other characters ask about it relentlessly. At the end, have everyone agree it's pretty weird.

* Write a road trip story. There must be two characters with the same name, the destination must be Phoenix, and they must arrive on time with no notable occurrences. It can be any model of car (pending approval of the instructor).

* Borrow the plot from a comedy skit on a rap album. This likely means your story is about some kind of game show. We can work with that.

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