Exhibit 21.13

Um, hey, Texas, I think it's time we have a talk. I think you're great. Really. No complaints here. I can deal with the weather and the trucks and the talk of secession. Hell, I even enjoy those things more often than not. And I really like Lone Star Beer. But, um, I was just wondering if you could, you know, maybe explain why there's an inch-long translucent lizard on my wall.

I'm not messing with you.

I would never mess with you.

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Anders Peterson said...

though i didn't recognize him at first, your mention of his translucence reminded me of a brief period of, oh, i'd say a week or two, when i had one of these fellas seemingly living on the (window) screen in my lincoln, nebraskan bathroom-- right after a visit to h-o-u-s-t-o-n, texas!! he may not be adam's yellow wall camo, but sum'bitch is anders's luggage camo for sure... (and perhaps a fan of petersons?) keep me updated--