Exhibit 21.12

Stock Photography Review

Much thanks to Maggi for passing along this incredible piece of misguided stock photography. Honestly, I've been sitting on this for months because I just didn't know what to say about it. In the end, I decided to give it a shot with various taglines to find the target market.


Way off.

I don't think Burger King serves hotdogs. Nope, I don't think they serve uncooked hotdogs at all. Unless that's the way you want it.

I don't know why I even tried this one.


And there we go.


Unknown said...


elisabeth said...

good work, adam

Ryan said...

That might be the funniest thing you've posted yet Pete.

jimStock said...

You're not cursing Zach Miller now are you? (he happens to be on my team as well) (I'm still cursing him, however, because in Oakland, its law to curse white people)

Unknown said...


Great post.

The real reason for me commenting, however: Teenage Fanclub just came up on the ol' Pandora. I think somewhat indirectly, you're responsible for me listening to this band. I can't remember if you told me to listen to them, or if you got your brother on them and he told me...either way, enjoying the hell out of "Star Sign" right now.

Oh, and thanks for taking it easy on me in Week 1 of the fantasy league. Yikes.