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Why I'm Moving to Houston

So it's occurred to me that my feigned reluctance to write about myself might have left you, dear reader, with no explanation for why I'm moving to Houston. Because a person needs a reason to move to Houston. This conversation never happens.

Me: I'm moving to Houston.
You: Awesome, now I'll have a place to crash.

But there are a dozen or so cities you could substitute in there and have it work if not create the typical conversation that occurs when you announce your move to, say, Austin.

Me: I'm moving to Austin.
You: Awesome, now I'll have a place to crash.
Me: Do you think I'll meet Spoon?

A move to Houston, on the other hand, usually leads to this:

Me: I'm moving to Houston.
You: Why?

So why, then, other than that I don't want to meet Spoon or wear ironic belt buckles am I moving to Houston? This craiglist posting is why:

I have a screenplay that I need expanded into a book. This is an action/high tech/terrorism story

Sorry, Britt Daniel, but I'm moving to Houston to do the novelization of an unproduced screenplay with action/high tech/terrorism elements. I'm hoping I can just use the novel I'm currently working on since it already has those elements plus several others. So there you go. Now you'll be able to come to Houston and sleep on my beautiful couch paid for with 40% of the profits from next year's bestselling action/high tech/terrorism/dog memoir/cook book/vampire/dance competition/steampunk/ultra-terrorism/coming-of-age novel.


Elisa said...

I really, really like Houston better than Austin. I'm not just trying to be contrarian.

jimStock said...

I assume you are trying to become an astronaut. I can't conceive of another reason. Or you've developed a curious love of poorly planned mass transit systems.

carlinthemarlin said...

I was skeptical of the books potential until you mentioned ultra-terrorism.

Word Verification: Blogic. A hybrid of "blog" and "logic" as in "His blogic was flawless?"


Originating or related to a blog, as in "All of my ultra-terrorism jokes are blogic in origin."

You make the call.

A. Peterson said...

Those are some quality comments.

E - I expect to feel the same way. I'm glad it's Houston and not Austin, honestly. Sort of like how I'd prefer Denver to Boulder or KC to Lawrence. If I want to go see a Dirty Projectors show, I'll drive. It's not so far that they won't still be cool by the time I get there. Probably.

J - I just like that apparently the city did the math and decided the correct answer to the question "Is it worth the occasional human life to have a seven mile light rail that runs in a straight line?" is "Yes."

C - I have nothing to add. Your blogic was flawless.