Exhibit 16.16

So, because I need to kill time before my flight leaves, I've decided to schedule some posts for while I'm gone. I think I'll just link to a few older posts that, if you like, you can read in lieu of whatever it is I normally do here. These were all posts from back when four people read this blog which could be anywhere from when it started to yesterday.

(Oh, and I'd like to say hello to our new fifth reader. Hi, Mom. Thanks for reading.)

By the way, I'm doing this despite not having packed, checked into my flight, or printed out what I'm reading. So now you know where my priorities are. They're with you, dear reader. All five of you. I look forward to seeing you at the next Thanksgiving.


Exhibit 4.7 - Proof that even the worst literary writing is better than the best business writing. Also, not-interesting is the fact that I avoided using the title of the guy's book because I was afraid he'd google it, find me, and have a friend step on my throat.

Exhibit 2.8 - One of my favorite posts which was ruined by someone coming to their senses before I even posted. Basically, Reuters showed that file photo on an article about couples having children.

Exhibit 2.7 - Huh, this one before it isn't bad either. Remember when every conversation was about Larry Craig and the Ninja Turtles? I do. So does Dave. Nobody else seemed interested. Also notable for featuring Dave spelling out his thoughts on the definition of gay.

Exhibit 1.11 - Here's that time I said bad things about Julia Stiles and felt awful about it for a month. I really wanted to bring that feeling back (and use my Julia Stiles tag which has been dormant ever since, I believe). It's odd, I can't remember going to see very many movies, but I very distinctly remember going to see that Bourne. As I recall, much fun was had at the bar afterward.

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Kyla Zoe Rafert said...

Ummmmmm. I read your blog. Not a lot. Every few months. But I do. It's funny. Has your friend at Ohio State met my sister Samara yet?