Exhibit 15.17

My Amazon.com Recommendation Robot knows me so poorly it makes my Netflix one seem like my spouse (or, more accurately, the woman who knocked on my door at midnight last night asking for gas money. We really got to know each other while discussing the wisdom and likelihood of her walking to the gas station when it was three below zero out). My current front page recommendation headlines:

* Pretty pendants under $30 (everyone knows I demand the best pretty pendants money can buy. $50 minimum)

* Save big on LeapFrog learning toys (probably because I looked at my own book yesterday and it naturally figured I was a kindergarten-level reader)

* Shop bestselling products from Optimum Nutrition (some kind of protein supplement company. Who told Amazon.com about my deltoids?)

* Save $20 when you spend $80 on Boys' New Balance shoes (I'll have you know I only buy Saucony athletic shoes. Plus, I step up to a man's size 6 in the months when I need heavier socks)

* Save up to 50% on Juniors' Dresses (I don't even want to know. It must think I'm either a profoundly confused individual or that I'm some be-childrened divorcee ala Randy Quaid's character in the noted McDonald's commercial Bye Bye Love)

* Bestsellers in LEGO Star Wars toys (Whoa...)

Okay, so that LEGO Star Wars one was a lucky guess, Amazon Recommendation Robot. And I do have a birthday coming up in March...Hint.


Dusty said...

My god. Bye Bye Love is a movie I haven't even thought of in long enough of a time that I couldn't even remember Janeane Garofalo was in it.

And yet as soon as you mentioned it, all I could remember is that they go to McDonald's. It's like every other scene.

ryan call said...

this and the netflix post had me laughing alone in my apartment for several minutes

thank you