Exhibit 15.16

Local uber-critic L. Kent has an article out today headlined, "Marijuana has taken a place in the music world."

First line: "Marijuana may no longer be exclusive to musicians."

Jesus, L. Kent, the rest of us are trying to have a city here. You're making us look bad in front of the cool towns. I really hope Portland doesn't see this.

Look, I don't care about marijuana one way or the other, but I do care about newspapers and print media as a vital part of American democracy. Or I did. This doesn't really seem to be upholding that (or any) standard. From now on I'm getting my news from Facebook status updates like everyone else. Speaking of which, did everyone hear Tina's cat is sick and Adam is cold? Good.

I would actually think this was some kind of very clever anti-drug initiative--hell, after reading that article I don't even want to listen to Bob Dylan ever again--except that L. Kent is down with the Wu-Tang Clan (or at least Ghostface Killah). Clearly the man's got street cred.

I really want to email him to ask how he decided which Kottonmouth Kings song to use. Couldn't he have just said 'ALL'? Oh, or if he hears from any artists who want to protest their inclusion on his list. I'd say Tom Petty has a pretty good case for "Mary Jane's Last Dance" not being about pot.

Note: This post is a reaction to a local news story and is in no way a statement about the use, legality, or perceived 'coolness' of any drug. Adam is too cold to get fired.

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Anders Peterson said...

though i may or may not be especially knowledgeable in this arena, i like to think that at least i am perceptive enough -- perhaps through some passive method not unlike the fabled "contact high" -- that i'm willing to go out on a limb and suggest that l. kent, in the very STOCK PHOTO(!) that accompanies this story, is holding in a massive rip in those kingly lungs of his.

the follow-up story for next week: the life and times of his very own customized glass piece, L. Bong, which will surely include -- in shameless detail -- the names of the myriad super-legends of rock who've signed it.

please never move away, l. kent, you silly, silly wanker.