Exhibit 13.23

Here's what makes for an awkward elevator ride: Start on the top floor of a building, hit the button for an elevator, and wait. When the elevator doors beep open, walk toward it. Stop. There is a person in the elevator. Pause so they can get off. It's the top floor of the building, after all, so they must be getting off. Stop. They aren't getting off.

Walk onto the elevator while staring at them accusingly. Notice that none of the buttons in the elevator have been pushed. Pause so they can explain why they took the elevator to the top of the building but are now refusing to leave it. Watch as they look bored and upset as you reach across them to hit the button, as if this is ruining their otherwise very pleasant elevator ride. Consider asking them why they are on the elevator as you being your descent. Meet their eyes and try to stare the truth out of them. Give up when it's clear their will is stronger. Stop. Prepare to exit the elevator. Pause to let them go first out of politeness. When they don't exit, resist the temptation to yell, O, come on, what's going on with you, you creepy bastard? Walk out of the elevator to a life that now knows mystery.

Incidentally, if you see me later today and it doesn't look like I have a costume, know that I'm dressed as The Person Who Wouldn't Leave The Elevator. This will be the case today and for the rest of my life.

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