Exhibit 13.24

Savings Times I Prefer to Daylight Savings Time

Time Savings Savings Time - Every January 25th we get a 25-hour day with the understanding that the extra hour be used only to come up with creative time savings solutions like carrying a backpack to avoid unnecessary trips home or using a water pic for more efficient flossing. Every other day of the year is then 10 seconds shorter in order to make up this hour but this is okay because we're all saving so much time. (Note: not recognized in the slothful parts of Indiana).

Timex Savings Savings Time - Same concept only as part of our time savings plan we know we're going to need waterproof digital watches with stopwatch functionality in order to take showers exactly 4 minutes and 38 seconds long. So we get an extra hour to buy Timex watches at great discount. (Note: recognized in all of Indiana).

Daylight Savings Time - We all get a day to write letters to the movie studios begging them to re-release the 1996 Sylvester Stallone vehicle Daylight into theaters because we're all ready to give it another chance. The movie studios always release Demolition Man instead because everyone gets sucked into watching it even when they don't really want to. When Daylight savings time ends, we all go back to writing letters begging for a re-release of Cobra. You know Daylight Savings Time has ended or begun by using the mnemonic phrase, "Daylight covers the dirt path on which you walk, but you should still be careful not to step on any Cobras hiding in the grassy meadow."

Tuesday Spending Time - Once every three years every day is a Tuesday because we've been saving our Tuesdays wisely. Our Timexs don't recognize this so we take them off and bury them in the lawn in case they grow into clock trees. They never have, but only because we don't water them. We forget because we made a note to do it every Wednesday, but the next Wednesday is 364 Tuesdays away. We make plans to have lunch on Tuesday but since we don't know which Tuesday, I keep showing up at the restaurant and waiting. On Tuesday I have the bisque. On Tuesday I read a book. On Tuesday I write a letter to movie studios about re-releasing Cobra. On Tuesday I meet a person who was also waiting on someone and I suggested the bisque. On Tuesday I get sick of bisque. On Tuesday I stop showing up but you start showing up. On Tuesday you wait. On Tuesday you get sick of bisque.

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