Exhibit 11.26

I don't know if you caught Michelle Obama's speech last night, but wow. She was smart, genuine, and warm (also, pretty foxy). I know the conventions are pretty much the worst thing about politics outside of the corruption and money (which they represent, of course), but it was nice to see someone with a genuine story who has made legitimate sacrifices onstage. I wonder if the empty set of mascara-ed eyes that is Cindy McCain will get a chance to speak and, if so, what she'll have to say about her privileged lifestyle that has led her to be passed from her father to her father-like husband as if she's some kind of doll. I realize that's incredibly unfair, etc.

Still, it was just nice to see the first lady speak and think She could be president someday if she wants it. I know it's not the first time we've been able to say that, but it's the first time we've been able to say it and not know the answer.

At one point while Brett--a dog, a girl--was chewing on a bone, I poked her and pointed at the television and said, Look, Brett, a strong female role model. She then started to hump a pillow. I'm not sure if this means she got the message or not.

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Anonymous said...

Case closed - Michelle Obama effectively introduced herself to the American people and the Obama family. How adorable were his kids at the end? That's the kind of stuff that might swing voters.