Exhibit 11.13

A Map of the Neighborhood

That's right, my neighborhood features a booming for-profit plasma donation industry.

There's also a fairly impressive hole where there used to be a park and a junk store. Now the junk store is gone (presumably it fell in the hole) and the house next to it is gleefully celebrating being the last house on the street by playing loud music. They seem unconcerned about the all-consuming hole encroaching upon them, but it's really hard to see how this is going to work out well.

There are other landmarks I didn't get a chance to add like the-house-where-the-sex-offender-lived-until-his-proximity-to-an-elementary-school-forced-him-to-move and the-gas-station-where-the-guy-who-knew-that-and-told-us-somewhat-randomly-works.


jimStock said...

Is your neighborhood in Detroit?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you forgot the Tam.