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UPDATE: It's wisely been brought to my attention that this post may contain spoilers about The Wire. I don't think there's anything that gives away a plot point here but certainly characters are referenced, etc. As I would hate to ruin anyone's Wire watching experience, I definitely should have pointed that out. I'm sorry.

More importantly, this post also gives away my preferred form of themed Uno. So now you know.

Last night we finished The Wire and there really isn't much more for me to say except that if you haven't seen it we can't be friends.

I'm not joking.

Each one of you will be presented with this simple quiz. If you pass, great, you can come over any time and play Harry Potter Uno. If you fail, not only will we not be friends, but I'll probably key your car.

'The Bunk' is:
A) A Police Bar
B) A Stash of Heroin
C) Extremely Huggable

Randy Wagstaff's father is:
A) Cheese
B) Method Man
C) Shaquan God Allah

Brother Mouzone reads:
A) Harper's
B) The New Yorker
C) Whatever Brother Wants

Omar's best boyfriend was:
A) Brandon
B) That Latin Guy Was Okay
C) Oh, It Can't Be What's-His-Name

The ex-Mrs. McNulty is:
A) Surprisingly Attractive
B) Really, She's Not Bad
C) Yeah, But She's No Beadie

A) Fo' Sure
B) Oh, Indeed
C) (whistling)

Democratic Primary:
A) Clarence Royce (incumbent)
B) Thomas Carcetti
C) Anthony Gray

Rawls was:
A) A Regular
B) Just Enjoying the Drink Specials
C) Into It, Sure, But Not, You Know

Baltimore as a city:
A) Scares the Hell Out of Me
B) Presents Growth Opportunities for My Import/Export Business
C) I Love Ace of Cakes

Good luck.


. said...

We have Season 2 to start over again tonight. One day, yes... one day I will move on to season 3, OH, INDEED!

"The Cheese stands alone"

elisabeth said...

Ok, Adam, this is dangerously teetering in spoiler territory....

A. Peterson said...

Oh, right. Sorry. I tried to avoid anything specific. For what it's worth, the one that might seem like a spoiler really isn't. Unless you count spoiling the IMDb trivia page in which case, yes, that is a spoiler.

Adam R said...

I liked the Rawls question a lot. As a Baltimore resident, I can tell you that this place is and is not scary.

Should I buy your book?

carlinthemarlin said...

It might have spoiled the show for me except that, not having watched the show, I couldn't make myself interested enough to make it past the first couple of questions.

However, you'll be happy to know that I've upped my Netflix to the two at a time deal, and that after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade arrives today, I have the entire season 1 of the Wire queued up.

A. Peterson said...

Adam R. - Honestly? Probably not. I'd be happy to send you one if you email me your address.

Carlin - I'm not going to call you themarlin if that's what this is about.

Also, SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't the last crusade :SPOILER ALERT.