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I'm really, really going to miss Ernie Chambers. I don't agree with him on everything--Omaha's racially-segregated public school plan is the most recent example--but it's hard to imagine what will become of this state without him. As one man, he has through sheer force of will made a backward and donothing unicameral devoid of any leadership (or diversity) confront issues of poverty, minority and woman's rights, and an unbalanced criminal justice system.

He's not always right. He doesn't always win. But it's hard to imagine anyone filling his shoes when some dude from Alma who got $500 from the NRA proposes a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to hunt illegal immigrants or whatever. Anyone in Nebraska should start bracing themselves now for South Dakota-esque attempts to ban abortion. Oh, and forget about abolishing the death penalty (Chambers's signature issue). Sigh.

He's out of office after 2008 due to term limits (which, by the way, were passed solely to get him out of office). Here's hoping he follows through on his threat to have a patsy win his seat and then step down so Ernie can run for it again.

Anyway, he's going to be getting a lot of press due to this. Let's see if we can guess some of The Tonight Show's jokes hours before they hit the air! A Nebraska State Senator is suing God....

  • God is challenging the lawsuit on the grounds that he's never been to Nebraska.
  • I guess he really wanted (American Idol contestant) to beat (American Idol contestant).
  • True story, true story. Unfortunately, there aren't any lawyers in heaven. (exaggerated laugh)
  • When reached for comment, God said, Who's Ernie Chambers? (ed note: this one I think is actually funny. Which is why it won't air. I imagine. I can't say I've actually seen The Tonight Show in seven or eight years).
  • Thankfully for God, George Bush has already pardoned him. (ed note: this is my favorite kind of hack comedy joke, one that bends reality or willfully misunderstands it for the sake of the punchline).
  • Seriously, folks, stay tuned for George Lopez.
Watch for it.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Ernie has a return. Also worth noting, he got the speed limit on I-80 raised between Omaha & Lincoln, though the 15 year road construction project negates some of the benefits of it. And he was a fore-runner of the short-sleeved sweatshirt revival. In all seriousness, I hate to see him go as well.