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Me Trying to Get a Driver's License: A Play

[Scene: a hellscape of over 100 screaming people with chairs pointed every direction, a kind of adult kindergarten after the teacher has left the room with an intercom slowly announcing numbers well into the thousands like that radio tower on LOST, a place I drove 30 minutes to and waited another 20 in line at]

Me: Here's my old license and a passport.
Lady: I need your Social Security card, too.
Me: That's not what it said on the website. It said I needed it or a passport.
Lady: It changed. Now you need both.
Me: You're honestly telling me everyone in Texas with a driver's license has a passport?
Lady: What?
Me: Well, I don't have my social security card.
Lady: You can also use a college transcript.
Me: What?

[Interruption from an old white woman who asks for a book to study for the written exam and is told they only have them in Spanish. She putters away presumably vowing to vote Republican until she dies next month].

Lady: So can I help you with anything else?
Me: Did you help me with anything this time?

The worst part is: she was totally right and I either misread something or it has changed. And now here I am complaining about being incorrect on the internet because I know I have to go back there tomorrow. I guess with a college transcript and some apology roses.

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Jaclyn said...

Someday I'll regale you with the story of when I tried to get a drivers license in Missouri, that ends with me communicating with the State of California only by fax machine.