Exhibit 1.4.12

How I Know My Phone Is Dying

* Keeps launching Pandora on the Warren Zevon station

* Only works on speakerphone so that god can hear its cries

* Like a Grandpa in the old folks home, no longer recognizes grandchildren/car charger

* Shows complete apathy over whether or not it's on ringer, vibrate

* Calls you in my pocket so you can decide

* Clock only updates when unlocked, phone only unlocked when someone needs me hence--also like grandpa in the old folks home--thinks it's Tuesday, September 24, 1978

* This doesn't explain why it now receives text messages by Pony Express

* It was made by a company that has been bought, spun off, and no longer exists

* It still exists, but only that--nothing more

Anyway, I'm sorry to see it go. It was a good phone.


Anders Peterson said...

i remember when you'd just got it and it was fresh and new... like 2 years ago :\.

A. Peterson said...

It was a simpler time then.