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So I have no car and I'm pretty sure I'm dying, but that didn't stop Laura Eve and I from live tweeting Star Wars: A New Hope. Here it is, the laziest blog post yet from a guy who sometimes just posts pictures of his dog.

* Going to live-tweet Star Wars with @hoostown. I recommend you unfollow me now just like the Rebel Alliance unfollowed Emperor Palpatine.

* Laura Eve guest tweet: Live-tweeting Star Wars with @AdamWPeterson instead of working on my fan fiction piece, "What If Luke Had Picked Up Those Power Converters." *

* Instead of "A New Hope," Lucas should have changed the subtitle to "Star Wars: A PowerPoint with Robots."

* O really, Luke, "sand people are the worst?" Might be time to turn off the Fox News.

* When Alec Guinness says "evil" it has 8 syllables and takes 18 seconds. Usually he's not even done saying it when he has to say it again.

* "We don't serve their kind here." Tatooine is all racists and scrap yards. It's the Mississippi of the Star Wars universe.

* For a decade I've been trying to work "I find your lack of Faith Evans disturbing." into a casual conversation. Preferably on a date.

* I just created my own Star Wars special edition. For about 15 minutes while they're in hyperspace, the movie becomes Rush videos on YouTube.

* I will now live-tweet this Jell-O mousse cup I took a chance on at the supermarket: heavy pudding.

* I'm not saying Darth Vader is a micromanager, but I'm pretty sure he sewed the Death Star's curtains.

* Of course the garbage monster on the Death Star has a name. Also, a backstory. Also, the worst slash fiction ever. http://bit.ly/cB1dpE

* The Storm Trooper training manual includes only one rule: always say "Blast 'Em" before shooting. It's like the Empire's Miranda rights.

* Did Obi Wan really follow through on becoming more powerful after his death? Seems like he sort of just died. Same question, Jesus.

* Despite the planet-destroying starship one guy with a bo staff guards the Rebel base. Still, that system did keep my parents out of my room.

* Luke is a cocky pilot for someone who let C-3PO drive earlier. Vader lost to a guy who throws the keys to a talking little league trophy.

* Laura Eve guest tweet: Luke & Leia making eyes at each other but still not hooking up at the end of the movie makes a pretty good argument for waiting. *

And Star Wars is over. I look forward to going back and revising these tweets with new special effects in 2027. [screen wipe]

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