Exhibit 1.2.17


* So I've got a Sire Line up at Everyday Genius right here. You should do what I do and have EG in your Google Reader. You will not be disappointed.

* That Sire Line is mostly notable for being the first one in the series. There are now 50. I have no idea how that project went from something inspired by a picture in Dave's bathroom to that .jpg I created at work (sorry, Mark!) to this terrible, long ridiculous thing.

* I'll write more about both of these bookish soonish, I'm sure, but last week I read Mat Johnson's Pym and received Ryan Call's The Weather Stations which I'm going to start today-ish. You're going to want them both. Trust me.

* The Cupboard is still having a contest. Tell your friends, submit, etc. The deadline is March 31st.

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