Exhibit 1.2.16

Thesis Defense

(Look, I've been sick and grading and writing and watching Castle. No excuses. In return for you not saying anything, I thought I'd offer you this picture of Thesis Defense. It's funnier than anything else I could think of. Also, I plan on writing a Royals preview this weekend so look out for that).

Yes, we made our own t-shirt uniforms. No, no other teams have these. Yes, I put mine on a pillow and hug it while falling asleep.

Other things of interest:

* The font is Futura Bold. We spend a lot of time telling people that.

* My number is 4. Alex Gordon's number. Like Alex, I've spent the spring working on my game in the hopes of turning my career around. Unlike Alex, I'm not actually going to do it.

* I cropped off my legs though you can get a general sense of their color by looking at the white on my shorts. Those aren't stripes, those are view strips.

* Or maybe you don't know which one I am. In that case, assume I'm the one who looks like Running Scared-era Billy Crystal.

* Yes, I'm drinking a Guinness. I don't know what it is about strenuous activity, but all I want to do afterward--once the vertigo has slowed--is drink the thickest beer I can find. Usually it's a Boddington's.

* You'd think this would cause me to realize that there aren't any good British basketball players and that this might be a sign, but no, it does not make me realize that.

* It does make me hum "Live Forever" and want to smoke, however.

* We've got a week off for spring break and playoffs start Tuesday night. Between now and then I'm going to work on my shot and font selection.


Pete said...

You guys would fit right in with the caliber of player I see at Tuesday night Schuyler High open gym. You already have the correct color/font of the Warriors and the requisite drinking problems.

jimStock said...

Billy Crystal has forearm tattoo's?

carlinthemarlin said...

You got a haircut. I have nothing witty to say about this. This comment has been a complete waste of both of our's time.