Exhibit 1.2.8

The Right Bar

Here's how you know if you've found it:

1) Do they have advertisements over the urinals?

If yes, good.

If no, you're at a Denny's.

If you don't know, you're a girl.

2) Do medical researchers feel like these advertisements would be a good place to find crystal meth addicts interested in treatment?

If yes, good.

If no, you might still be at a Denny's because that's where the addicts with no interest in treatment hang out.

If you don't know, don't look into it too hard because I want those gift certificates.

3) Are the advertisements a little wordier than one might expect given that they are intended to reach urinating crystal meth addicts?

If yes, good. You've found a bar you can trust to look out for your health.

If no, those colorful breakfast photos on the Denny's menu offer their own kind of treatment.

If you're not sure, seriously, do you think those gift certificates are to Yankee Candle?

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