Exhibit 1.2.7


You know that week everyone has where they have to read Anna Karenina, the Ramayana, the Aeneid, Wieland, Sula, and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym? Of course you don't. Nobody else has that week. I have that week. It's now. Don't bother me. Here are things:

* The Cupboard continues to hold a contest. Tell your friends to submit here.

* Speaking of The Cupboard, Dave and I are no longer alone. emily danforth has come on board as a co-editor. She cries when people don't submit to our contest.

* Two of my Houston friends have new online journals. Be sure to submit to, eventually read, and generally appreciate Owl Eye Review and Little Grid. Hooray for doing things.

* You know what you shouldn't read? The Aeneid. Nothing against it, just don't.

* O, there's a new issue of elimae, and I'm in it here. This person liked my piece and for that I'm grateful. Otherwise it's only notable for being part of my whole Sire Lines of America thing, a project I showed the logo for way back when and then put away for a long time. It's back. Look for more online. I'm really into online all of a sudden, mostly because I wish I could add more links to this bullet.

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