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Re-signed for 2011

I have once again made the foolish decision to play in a basketball league. On the roster I'm listed as G/F which I'm pretty sure is some kind of joke. As you can see in the picture above, I play in jeans and a polo. At half-time I take tea and ask after the wickets. When I do get in the game, I wear a prescription motorcycle helmet.

But I'm going to try to improve this year so I drew up some plays.

This one is called "Isosceles." It's where I sort of walk in a triangle around the three point line so that my own teammates are confused enough by my movements to not pass me the ball.

This one is called "Why is the whistle lady counting at me?" No, seriously, why?

This one is called, "Free Throw." It's where I stand while someone else makes free throws (not able to be expressed by diagramming: me clapping furiously).

This one is a defensive play called, "I Try to Have a Conversation with a Teammate While My Guy Scores."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go practice the most important play of all, "Signaling for a Sub When Too Winded to Speak or Move My Arms."

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jimStock said...

I envision these are the sorts of plays that enable Jimmer Fredette.

I do not trust eyebrows as well.