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Seminar Papers

So I'm writing about King Lear which means I'm writing what somebody else said about King Lear a long time ago, but I haven't read them so my essay still counts.

What I can contribute to Lear scholarship is an awesome title. I think people should pay me to do this:

King Leer: Cordelia Behind the Mask-uline Gaze

Behind the (Corn)Wall: Regan's Feminist Plight

Kent and Kant: Perversions of Loyalty and the Refusal to Say "I Ken't"

Won't Be Fool-ed Again: Who's Next after the Fool's Death

No, No, Know Life! Lear's Death As Self-Recovery

Cordelia's Acquiescence to Love and [Sigh]lence

"Tom's a (C/B)old:" Edgar's Movement from Passionless to Passionate

I Hold You As an Other: Bastardy and Fraternal Relations

Pluck Out His I's: Denial of Soliloquy and the Blind Subjectivity

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