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Spider-Man Quotes

These are the most pretentious quotes from this Times article about the new Spider-Man musical. It's especially fun to read these while imagining the interviewer's tape recorder bursting into flames.

Julie Taymor: Peter Parker is the one who shows us how to soar above our petty selves.

Bono: Creating art that has never been done before is the reason I get out of bed in the morning.

Bono: We’re wrestling with the same stuff as Rilke

Bono: [We’re wrestling with the same stuff as] Blake

Bono: [We’re wrestling with the same stuff as] Wings of Desire

Bono: [We’re wrestling with the same stuff as] Roy Lichtenstein

Bono: [We’re wrestling with the same stuff as] the Ramones

Taymor: Mishegoss

Bono: ...the cost of feeling feelings, the desire for connections when you’re separate from others...

Bono: And trying to blend comic books — which is a very American contribution to the world of mythology — and rock music and Broadway into this thing of art that we don’t even have a word for.

Bono: The scope of this thing is just hard to grasp sometimes.

Bono 9, Taymoro 2, the Edge 0. Honestly, there were even more. And yes, apparently instead of working on the novel I took the time to read about a musical I'll never see and to call out a rockstar for his defining characteristic. I stand by this decision.

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