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Stock Photography Review

So, in honor of this blog's arbitrary system of numbering rolling over, I thought I'd post some stock photography from the Huffington Post, a great site to find this kind of nonsense. These are two I grabbed just now from the front page.

I love this one just because this photo could be used more logically for dozens of other headlines. Among them:

1) "Local Face Goes All M.C. Escher"
2) "Sexting. Time to Talk to Your Friends about It?"
3) "Listen Closely--Yes, That Close"
4) "25 Family Secrets (PHOTOS)"
5) "Are You Getting Good Advice about Your Sideburns?"

Apparently we're supposed to think this is how insider trading happens, but I'd prefer to think this is actually how federal investigations happen. Like one long game of Telephone where the last agent just shrugs and says, "Martha Stewart? Well, okay."

Guy in photo: So I'm the struggling American office worker, right?
Photographer: O, yeah, totally.
Guy: Because my Outlook's open here and this Word document.
Photographer: Definitely, definitely.
Guy: I just don't want it to be used for anything creepy.
Photographer: Let's try one where you're licking the screen.
Guy: Right! Because I'm hungry for a living wage!


jimStock said...

"Unemployed Banker finds work as live Bluetooth Ear-piece, fears new found profession out-sourced to Indian Blueteethsmen"

A. Peterson said...

"That Voice in Your Ear Is Not God, It's Ted"