Exhibit 27.10


To The Nebraska, Steves who (I think) won my fantasy baseball league this year. I say I think because I still don't really understand what's happening. I keep waiting for other people in the league to tell me that now the super playoffs begin and we all have to redraft our teams using only players from the 2002 Mets.

In any case, the victory is a fluke. I never knew what I was doing but had enough lucky waiver wire pickups to overcome clubhouse cancer Alex Rodriguez choking down the stretch. Mostly, my strategy of denying myself all non-Billy Butler Royals worked out. I think Royals GM Dayton Moore should try this himself.

The , Steves by the way take their name from Brendan Fraser's character in Albert Brooks's greatest work, The Scout. I'm not entirely convinced the movie wasn't just a hoax to get Bob Costas to have to say ridiculous things:

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...then you need to see pootie tang!