Exhibit 27.9


Here's how my life has changed since I discovered the Country Legends radio station:

* I now feel approximately times closer to George Jones.

* I have a close, personal relationship with Jesus. Also, Alabama.

* My definition of Country Music has been expanded to include anything I can imagine Robert Duvall having once heard, even if only in passing.

* My definition of Legend has been expanded to include Eddie Rabbit.

* When asked, I can give direction's to Texas's best two-step bar and politely suggest the questioner go on Thursday when there are margarita specials all night long.

* I hear "Ring of Fire" so often I hum it while doing unrelated tasks, like grading papers or hitting my head against a wall.

* Most of my time is spent writing letters to congress trying to get Charley Pride honored as a civil rights hero.


Anders Peterson said...

oh this does make me happy! has george made you weep? he will make you weep, you know...

Dave Madden said...

I guess if I had to think about who has the most distinct voice in country music, I guess I'd have to go with Johnny Cash.

Have you heard of him?

julee said...

I love a rainy night and Crystal Gayle. Awaiting your post on the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.