Exhibit 27.7


Okay, so we can all agree that this is fake, right? If it's not, I'd feel bad posting it, but the question "Should I get the abortion that my cat is recommending?" settles it for me.

(In case you're curious, I stumbled upon this Yahoo Answers article while fact checking a moment in a student's story. Yes, fiction workshop makes me want to clear my browser's cache. Let's move on).

Best lines from answers to this question:

* To begin with, don't listen to your cat.

* Why would you murder your baby because your cat thinks it's a good idea?

* I'm sorry to say, and not trying to be mean or anything, but don't listen to an animals opinion.

* Lose the cat (or at least declaw it).

* But if you really love your fiance, as i think you do cause you said yes to marring him.

* My grandma's father's cat ate a bird my great-grandfather liked more.

* Cats generally know best...take the feline's advice and terminate asap.

* I think your cats needs to be put in her place! HER POLITICAL VIEWS ARE IRRELEVANT!

* Just let your cat perform the abortion.

* Source: degree in human behaviour; animal behaviour; and personal experience.

O, and don't worrying about answering this question yourself. It's resolved.

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Elisa said...

I can't decide how much I love the person who did the "HER POLITICAL REVIEWS ARE IRRELEVANT" answer, b/c I don't know if they were kidding or not either. What a conundrum.