Exhibit 25.15

Sometimes I Don't Know What to Post...

...so I check the Bulletin and hope they'll conveniently feature two embarrassing stories atop each other so I can take a screenshot and go about my day.

I hope this all makes us stop and take a moment to consider the precariousness of our frontier towns as they grapple with these coordinated attacks. Who will save this bustling city from nature's uprising?

My guess: Denny Mogis.

And before noon I've posted something on this blog and made a joke about a former area car dealer. I think I've earned myself a cup of coffee.


jimStock said...

+10 for Denny Mogis!! I was going to pull some snarky commentary from his Wikipedia page, but cleary the Chinese have no mercy. (At least now when Denny Mogis is googled, Stock Photo is now the 5th most relevant link. Sorry Young Entrepreneurs Forum's Camaro Review. Hope you enjoyed your day in the sun)

mark z said...

I can only imagine the devestation that would have taken place had the wind picked up and hurled the wild turkeys.

julee said...

Happy 76th Birthday Denny Mogis!