Exhibit 24.21

I Live Blog This Commercial I See on Hulu All the Time

0:01 - Is that text message from Marc Summers congratulating this lady on having the world's most disturbingly spotless kitchen?

0:07 - Should the crazy lady have headphones too?

0:08 - Is this the chat roulette I keep hearing about? If so, this girl got really lucky to find a geometry teacher and not...anyone else on chat roulette.

0:10 - I could do this. I like learning and stainless steel appliances.

0:12 - Hey, Melissa, maybe today's lesson should be on googling the word 'triangle.'

0:13 - Actually, I couldn't do this.

0:15 - Whoa, slow down, Pythagoras.

0:21 - We should focus a little less on geometry and a little more on getting Melissa out of the bomb shelter she's trapped in.

0:24 - Wait, we should be laughing now? I like laughing. Haha, Melissa. Fun! Hahahaha...

0:27 - ...hahahahaha. O, we're done?

0:29 - Wait, so if I learn geometry my kid will go to camp and we'll save that mountain?

25:30 - Why am I watching Chuck, anyway?

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