Exhibit 23.4


I've never been able to grow a beard but mostly that's because I've never really put my mind to it. Or I have some sort of testosterone deficiency. Either way, now that I more or less have a month with nowhere to go, I figured I'd try.

That image is where we currently stand. I think the right side of my face is winning, but mostly I'm disappointed that A) there's a competition and B) I could tabulate a winner to the competition. I had to stand really close to the mirror in order to do that. Mine is not a beard that can be seen at a distance.

I chose red for the image because that's a color that would stand out not because it's the color the beard is growing in. As far as you know.

Unless parts of my beard start connecting themselves, I think I'm going to shave soon.


jimStock said...

Is that to scale?

Ryan said...

At least you can still grow hair on top of your head. That's where it counts.

christopher higgs said...

Don't give up! It might take a couple months, but if you give up the terrorists win.

A. Peterson said...

J: Only the coldness in the eyes.

R: You're just trying to make me feel better.

C: But I'm growing it in order to become a terrorist!