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What This Book Should Be About

Lance West is dirty cop who gets one last shot at redemption when the serial killer who murdered his young bride fifteen years ago reappears with a bloody murder in Lance's own precinct. As the body count rises and superiors deny any connection, Lance risks everything to find the man who killed his Julia and made him the hard drinking, do anything for a conviction cop he's become. Fifteen years ago he was a good cop looking to do right in an ugly world but since then he's sunk into the ugly himself. Now with the cold but beautiful Internal Affairs agent Thora Bounty investigating him as he investigates his wife's killer, Lance finds himself caught between doing what he has to do to avenge his wife and doing what's right. While Thora gets closer to uncovering a shameful secret in Lance's past, Lance gets closer to the Coat Room Killer, putting both Lance and Thora at risk...of dying...of falling in love.

What This Book Is About

I don't know, two dudes walking around Dublin not talking to each other most of the time.

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In case you were wondering, here is a picture of lance west.

Lance West