Exhibit 22.16

A Complete Psychological Portrait of the Woman Who Lived in My Apartment at Least Two Tenants Ago but Whose Junk Mail Still Gets Delivered Here

Likes to Make Things but Not on Sunday

Works in Photography and/or Enjoys Professional-Grade Tripods

Enthusiastic College Donor, Banner Aficionado

Has a God

Wears Lane Bryant Clothes, Poses Oddly in Them

Appreciates Her God's Mail-Order Jewelry Company

Is Presumably Sad She Is Not Getting Her Mail

I can't even write her a letter and admit my feelings because it would just get delivered back to me along with some other guy's Amnesty International address labels and my own, um, Amnesty International address labels.

This one's for you, Lisa Tuggs formerly of Lawrence St.:

True love waits, Lisa Tuggs. True love waits.

1 comment:

jimStock said...

Careful. Lane Bryant specializes in, um, husky sized garments. But I do love me some Hobby Lobby. (It is certain those last two statements are dependent on each other.)