Exhibit 22.14

Links/Not Links

* Tonight's Creation Festival at the D&N Event Center in North Platte has been cancelled. No word yet on whether or not this is related to the time "God" lit the old structure on fire with "lightning" to get the "insurance money."

* Every time I can reference something that happened in western Nebraska during the 1990s I feel like this blog is worth it.

* Mathias illustrates how I look like the guy from Party Down and pitches a screenplay. I like this for a lot of reasons, the greatest of which is that it confirms my theory that I know exactly who has seen Party Down and exactly why. Oddly, "It's a Starz network original!" is never why.

* I still think Mathias looks like a not evil/enoveralled Leo Johnson:
* Dave's book brings him in contact with people who work with lemurs.

* My book isn't going to have a ninth chapter.


carlinthemarlin said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you I saw the episode of Twin Peaks with that song Dave and you were talking about. I totally lost my shit laughing. I think my neighbors might think I'm crazy now.

Anonymous said...

God definitely cashed in in 1995 when he burned that sucker down. If by God you mean Larry Hanneborg. (Did I spell that right?)

Dusty said...

Just yooooooooouuuu....