Exhibit 21.3

I Am Currently Waiting

For a couch delivery and am subsequently very late to a party being thrown by a professor for all of the new TAs going through teacher training. This is very disconcerting, but I told the people delivering the couch that I'd be here at a certain time and damnit I'm not a quitter. That certain time was a while ago, but they assure me they're coming. This is never a fun conversation:

Guy: Where are you? We're coming from the 45.
Me: Oh, take that to the 10 then the second exit.
Guy: The 610?
Me: I don't think so.
Guy: What?
Me: What? Is there a 610?
Guy: There's a 610 somewhere.

But now they just called and said they should be here in 10 minutes. Of course, they said they'd be here in 10 minutes an hour ago, but what can I do? I'll tell you what I can do. I can just sit here and put my nervous energy into typing rather than wondering at what point I'll be too late to actually go to said professor's house and enjoy one of the two different types of sparkling water he had. This conversation is more fun than the other conversation:

Professor: And I'll have two different types of sparkling water.
Me: [takes notes]

Things I might say if I ever get to the professor's house:

1. "The Professor's House is my favorite Willa Cather novel."
2. "Actually, it's the only one I even sort of liked."
3. "Death Comes to the Archbishop was okay, I guess."
4. "My apartment now has a place to sit down."
5. "Hi, am I too late to come into your party?"
6. "Wasn't there a weird thing with a plane engine in The Professor's House or am I thinking of The Rocketeer?"
7. "I like your drapes."
8. "Where's the 610? Is that better than the 10?"
9. "I'm Adam. No, not that Adam."
10. "Hi, I'm Adam. Yes, that one. The one that was late."

Hmm, that took me 11 minutes to type and based on the fact that I'm still typing this from my Aero bed and not at all drinking sparkling water, I'm thinking something has gone wrong.

Things that probably exist off the 610:

1. The afternoon moon
2. Magical be-couched houses
3. The 1410
4. Trees made of hugs
5. Reverse fountains that suck water out of the air

And the couch is here! Goodbye.

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