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* Steven Karl gave a mini-review of Play, the new volume of The Cupboard by Mathias Svalina, here. "Svalina's writing ranges from simplistic to absurd and is always filled with wit, intelligence, and most importantly compassion." So very true. I think if you'll read the whole review you'll see that by 'simplistic' he's implying something innocent or childlike which has always been one of my favorite aspects of Mathias's writing.

* I'm glad somebody else got to write that. If it were left to me, I would have said something like, "Svalina's writing sometimes seems like it's coming from the smartest, strangest, most well-read child, probably some kind of space child who, when we get him back to the lab, shows us how much more further he can see using his space eyes--both inward and outward--than we will ever be able to. But this vision has not cost him his sense of humor or wonder, it has only made him more aware of possibility, of justice and truth and the coming of the Space Conquistadors."

* See, it's better if I just tell you to considering buying M's volume or just subscribing to The Cupboard. All of that can be done here.

* On the elevator this morning someone said to me, "I hope the sun burns off this grey" (although they probably would have spelled it gray. I've just decided to spell my words the way the Queen would want me to spell them). This seemed like a rather violent greeting. Especially since I was mostly asleep, we were inside, and the only grey I could see was in the person's hair. I believe I replied, "Yes." But I didn't really mean it.

* Yesterday I was the 28th person to vote at my precinct. This was at 5:15 in the afternoon. The elderly women running the polling place were getting a little saucy. I've never had so much fun voting for three races (two competitive).

* I'd let you know if the good guys won, but, honestly, when it comes to the local airport authority, I don't think there are good guys and bad guys; there are only bad life decisions.

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