Exhibit 17.5

Today's the day where I post Urge Overkill's "Dropout" without explanation or commentary.

Your reaction should be as follows:

If my brother: Excitement/regret that I didn't also post "Start Choppin'"

If anyone else: Doubt/regret that you sometimes have to talk to me

Okay, so maybe a little commentary: what was 1993's best album? Either of those two? Siamese Dream? In Utero? Pablo Honey? I probably would have said one of those at the time, but I was 10, so I only knew what was on MTV.

Okay, some quick searching leads me to Bjork's Debut, Exile in Guyville, and Transmissions from the Satellite Heart. I'd also throw Anodyne in there though I don't think that was anyone's favorite Uncle Tupelo album at the time.

Ah, Enter the Wu-Tang, Doggystyle, and that Digable Planets album also came out. Predator came out in late 1992.

I don't even have any of these records anymore. I was shocked when "Dropout" popped up on my iPod. Apparently I once got it off Napster and have been moving it from computer to computer ever since. It was long ago retitled KNSLKO. I like it better that way.


A. Peterson said...

If you think staring a silly conversation about music is just a desperate attempt to get comments, you're right.

I've already got the one...

Dusty said...

The best I can do is pick from a sample. Can Wikipedia list albums released in any given year? Probably now I'll have to say Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, but that is the last thing I would have said at age 15.

At age 15 I would have said Cracker's Kerosene Hat. I might still.

Pete said...

Exile in Guyville is enormously overrated.

John Cusack's character in High Fidelity hates me.

christopher higgs said...

Like Dave, I was fifteen in 1993. That was the year the Counting Crows released August and Everything After. Oh my god I listened to that album nonstop. Maybe I'll pull it out and dust it off this afternoon, have a little reunion with it.