Exhibit 15.26

I know this is all kinds of horrible and colonialist, but I don't care. I want to adopt an elderly Bolivian:

The hats! The sicus! The fact that they only eat marshmallows!

Okay, so that last one probably isn't true, but they are adorable enough that I'm not ruling it out.

Fun Fact (according to Wikipedia [so let's just call it a Fun Educated Guess]): "The position of the hat can indicate a woman's marital status and aspirations."

That's brilliant. It turns out that we're the cute ones with our clumsy system of wedding rings and haircuts. If we're lucky, the Bolivians will adopt all of us. I, for one, can learn to live off marshmallows alone.

And by 'learn to' I mean 'continue to.'

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carlinthemarlin said...

Adoption Hat System is the name of my next book. And by next book, I mean first book. And by book, I mean probably just a word document with that as the title.