Exhibit 14.17

So apparently I don't have time to write today but I do have time to check to see if the lady from Doc Hollywood was also the lady from Tommy Boy because I thought they were different ladies but they look so similar in my memory that I started to think maybe I was wrong and that they were the same lady and, anyway, why did I have to read all of the comments on the A.V. Club's review of the first season DVDs of Spin City when A) I've never seen Spin City and B) I was supposedly writing until then and now I find myself typing this this this this this this which is not at all writing it's just this this.

Oh, and yes, they are the same actress.

In any case, I've been writing while this post has sat open in my browser. Here was my last sentence which starts a chapter:

"Three years pass before _________ meets _________ in the crowded vestibule of _________’s boyhood home where those lucky enough to have received this year’s invitation arrive prompt and en masse only to slide over the snow-puddled floor, entangle themselves in one another's scarves, and apologize profusely for the unclaimed breasts they elbow while shivering off winter coats in a race to be the first to shake the billionaire’s hand on his birthday, his last."

Yeah, I'm trying a bit too hard there, but what do you expect with Doc Hollywood on the brain. That movie is nothing but effort rewarded.

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