Exhibit 14.16

I just watched the movie Wanted and thought I should tell you how it's the awesomest. (Before you say anything, just know that I was determined to watch this movie since the moment I saw them talk about bending bullets in the trailer. No, I don't care what you think that says about me. Yes, I'm comfortable with where I stand on bullet bending).

Sure, it's thoroughly, thoroughly terrible but in what some would call the best. way. ever. Not me, but some. I just thought it was a pretty good way of being terrible.

Every aspect of it from its ludicrous plot to its absurd anti-physics to its questionable moral code is done with such a kinetic clash between unwinking sincerity and knowing gusto that it's hard to imagine what the filmmakers thought while making it. Somehow it ends up being neither a stolid and pretentious action movie (like any American John Woo movie) nor a self-consciously capital-M Movie (like Running Scared or Shoot 'Em Up). In fact, it's as if at no point did anyone ask any questions, especially not any questions which might have led to the appearance of intention or judgment.

I guess I'm just excited to see a movie so awful yet without one iota of irony to protect itself. There are so many hilarious lines to illustrate this, but I'd hate to ruin it for you so I'll just give you one.

Morgan Freeman says, "We take our orders from the loom."

Note: Nothing in the above line is in any way a metaphor. There is literally a loom which tells them to kill people who are going to do bad things in the future yet this loom never gets explained or questioned.

Also, no one is ashamed of the loom.


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